A Longer Story.

Holly Peck is an activator, technical founder, engineer, and electronic musician. She has a BA in anthropology from Princeton University. Once, she wrote a thesis on death and symbolic immortality. 

Holly first contemplated humanness whilst excavating Neanderthal bones in France. Since, her creative and engineering projects have explored human and machine learning, robotics and embodiment, and memory and ritual. At Sanctuary, Holly builds and tests the cognitive architectures - the minds - of Sanctuary robots.

Holly is the founder and director of Women Who Code Vancouver, a community she grew from zero to 1600 techlords in one year. She is a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence and has consulted PM Trudeau on innovation in Vancouver.

On weekends, Holly programs polyphonic synthesizers, reads grimoires, and develops 35mm film. In 2018, she released her first electronic album called ‘Nobody’ as part of her synth-pop project NUIT. She has a fondness for breakfast, architectures, and black latex. 

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