A Longer Story.

Holly Peck is an activator, technical founder, engineer, and electronic musician. She has a BA in anthropology from Princeton University. Her senior thesis investigated death rituals and symbolic immortality.  

Holly first contemplated humanness whilst excavating Neanderthal bones in France. Since, her creative and engineering projects have explored human and machine learning, robotics and embodiment, and memory and ritual. At Sanctuary, Holly builds and tests the cognitive architectures - the minds - of Sanctuary robots. Recently, she built an emotion classifier from a self-generated dataset of four facial expressions: ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’, and ‘neutral’.  

Holly is the founder and director of Women Who Code Vancouver, a community she grew from zero to 1600 techlords in one year. Since, WWCode has partnered with over 40 companies across BC’s lower mainland. By promoting the visibility of women in hard engineering, WWCode has irrevocably changed tech culture in Vancouver. For this initiative Holly was awarded BC Business’ 30 Under 30 for 2018. Since 2012, she’s been a Board Member of Princeton University’s Committee on Community Service.

Holly is a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence and has consulted Prime Minister Trudeau on innovation in Vancouver. In December 2017, she was awarded Microsoft’s MPP scholarship in Data Science - an opportunity given to 10 engineers out of more than 100 globally. In 2017-2018, Holly was a member of two Microsoft Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs): the TAG on client-side web development and the TAG on diversity and inclusion, where she advised Microsoft tech evangelists on developer wants and needs across Microsoft technologies (including HoloLens). In May 2017, Holly was invited as a Special Guest to Microsoft Build 2017 - Microsoft’s largest developer conference in Redmond, WA - where she spoke to an audience of 200+ on tech leadership alongside senior-level Microsoft VPs.

At night, Holly programs polyphonic synthesizers, reads grimoires, and develops 35mm film. In 2018, she released her first electronic music album called ‘Nobody’, as part of her synth-pop project NUIT.

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