A Longer Story.

I’m a creative technologist, founder, advisor, and electronic artist. I have a BA from Princeton University and a background in AI/robotics and cognitive computing. I'm currently advising Scope3. Scope3 emerged from stealth in Jan 2022 with $20MM seed financing to decarbonize the global economy – starting with the ad-supported internet.

Having served executive roles at 2 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) companies, I'm fascinated by large scale systems problems that intersect computing and culture. At Soul Machines, I oversaw strategic engineering initiatives and managed a team of 12+ engineers, designers, and project managers on the customer delivery of AI Digital People. Previously, I worked in a humanoid robotics lab, where I built cognitive architecture – the software minds – of humanoid robots and created IP around ethical human-robot interaction.

In 2016, I founded Women Who Code Vancouver, a community I grew from 0 to 3000 techlords in 4 years. I’m a BC Business 30 Under 30, a 4x Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence – 1 of 6 in Canada – and recipient of the Udacity x Intel scholarship in Edge AI. Recently, I was profiled in YouTube’s 'The Age of AI', narrated by Robert Downey Jr., the first episode of which has seen 41+ million views. In 2020, I launched a video podcast called THE HERETIC, about rebellious thinkers vs. systems of power.

On weekends, I play with my polyphonic synthesizers, read grimoires, and develop 35mm film. In 2018, I released my first electronic album called ‘Nobody’ as part of my synth-pop project NUIT. I have a fondness for breakfast, architectures, and black latex.

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