Holly Peck

Going Native (in JavaScript)

A lightbox photo library using the Flickr API. Developed entirely in raw JavaScript (no JQuery or JS libraries). 2016.


A marketplace for exchanging college textbooks using Google Books API & double-depreciation price algorithm. 2016.


A real-time chat platform for employee communication across large companies. Second Place Winner, Time Inc. Distribute! Hackathon (NYC, London, Seattle). 2016.

Koo VR

A Virtual Reality music project using Spotify's API. 2016.

Dada(ist) Haiku

A haiku generator from Wikipedia articles. 2016.

Raise Your Hand

A group Q&A platform for your next study group. 2016.


Code as Material Culture

What do Mousterian hand axes and code have in common? 2016.

Dear Data: A Love Story

Exploring an analog data-drawing project and what that means for trans-media storytelling. 2016.


Charting Culture: Animating Information Flow

Exploring social scientific data - visualized. 2016.